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Be wary of Lampadina

I am quite old and I have been a Practice owner for years. In all that time I have never felt the need to make a negative post about a company ….……and then I placed a PPE order with

Can you still  remember the PPE ordering frenzy between Boris’s reopening announcement (May 28th) and actual reopening  (8th June)  ?  Our regular major Dental suppliers couldn’t help and so suddenly it felt like we were in the Wild West and so we were throwing money at companies we’ve never dealt with before for requisite PPE. Time was tight and so I cautiously sourced my FF3s masks from three different places. I ordered plastic aprons from two other places and from two more places I ordered fluid resistant gowns….. one of which was the spectacular let-down ;

They were an unknown to me but for a while they had been sending me unrequested spam emails about cheap microscopes. Now they were crowing about their stocks of PPE.

I did not place all my faith in them but as a vulnerable sole trader –  when I found someone to say “yes we have PPE stock and will send it next day delivery” –  I was delighted and opened my wallet.

Although I knew was gouging me  (£15 delivery on top of £477 for 60 gowns )  I provided my card details and paid £492 on  2/6/20. And then I waited.

And waited. When this very time-sensitive order failed to materialise in quoted time fame (and no explanation was forthcoming  ) – on 5/6/20 -I asked for the delivery  tracking info that one might expect something with a  £15 delivery fee to have; No reply

Over the next few weeks we talked (over the phone and over email ) about how the couriers were to blame. About how a refund would be imminent etc etc, I start to smell a rat.

Over a number of calls and email I placed with (she had taken my £492) but never cared enough to explain or discuss this situation with me. She kept recommending I email  “alex” for a refund. He never replied.

So to recap  – this company took my money. Never updated me , never delivered any product and they dodged a refund. In the end 4 weeks alter (of inaction and silence from Lampidina) I sought a refund from my credit card company re fraud. The card company refunded my money in full. I like to think it was clear cut enough. It was clear cut enough for a bank but Lampadina never lifted a finger to help me . If I had to opine ;  I nearly feel Lampadina knew they had my money (£500), I nearly  feel they knew I hadn’t received anything and I nearly feel they didn’t care to update me or refund my money. I won’t be recommending them, their PPE any of their cheap CJ Optik scopes or Lampadina lights.

Upcoming Study Club Meetings No 18  –  Evening of 06/05/20 – POSTPONED – likely til Dec ’20

Previous meetings
Study Club Meeting 1 (Sept 2014) 21st century endodontics. Portsmouth
Study Club Meeting 2 (Dec 2014) Putting the ‘study’ into study club. Southampton
Study Club Meeting 3 (Apr 2015) Aesthetic, minimal-prep cuspal coverage following molar endo. Winchester
Study Club Meeting 4 (Sept 2015) The Perio-Endo interface. Portsmouth
Study Club Meeting 5 (Dec 2015) Endodontic surgery. Ryde
Study Club Meeting 6 (Apr 2016) Dental trauma. Havant
Study Club Meeting 7 (Sept 2016) Microbial focussed treatment choices. Portsmouth
Study Club Meeting 8 (Dec 2016) Endo 101 – the basics. Petersfield
Study Club Meeting 9 (April 2017) Hands-on apicectomy. Southampton
Study Club Meeting 10 (Sept 2017) Hand on endo. Portsmouth.
Study Club Meeting 11 (Dec 2017) How I obturate teeth – with hands-on. Liphook.
Study Club Meeting 12 (April 2018) Endo surgery. Winchester Planetarium.
Study Club Meeting No 13 (Sept 2018) Portsmouth. Hands-on canal preparation.
Study Club Meeting No 14 (Dec 2018) Ageas Bowl. Discussion on subjects requested on prior feedback forms.
Study Club Meeting No 15. (Apr 2019). Emsworth. Perforations and fractured files.
Study Club Meeting No 16. (Sept 2019). Portsmouth. The Hot Pulp. Lecture and hands-on.

Study Club Meeting No 17. (Dec 2019). Basingstoke. CBCT with focus on resorption.

Hampshire Endodontic Study Club
The Hampshire Endodontic Study Club was founded in 2014 with a grant from the British Endodontic Society.
Its aim is to enhance the endodontic knowledge and skill of Hampshire General Dental Practitioners. The Club gathers three times a year in locations around Hampshire for a range of evening events.
To add your name to our email list, and for notifications of upcoming events, please print and return the following form found here.
If you wish to attend an Hampshire Endodontic Study Club event you can book a place by paying £12. The Club does not possess sophisticated computer programmes to provide real-time indication of spaces remaining nor do we possess the ability to provide automated booking confirmations. Please assume (until informed otherwise) that all interested parties are welcome to attend and that spaces remain available.
To pay/book a place, please select one of the following three options:   PayPal / BACS  / Cheque

What are you attending

PayPal will issue you a receipt.


Transfer to the Hampshire Endodontic Study Club account, S/C 30-96-73, Account Number 42562460. Use you name as payment reference.

Cheque / Post

Cheque made payable to “Hampshire Endodontic Study Club” to Hampshire Endodontics, Studio House, 50 East Street, Havant, PO9 1AQ.

Any enquiries – please do not hesitate to contact Peter on

Miscellaneous News

November 2019 – December’s Study Club + Xmas social – details here.

September 2019 – Upcoming endo-phobes course in Havant – see here

September 2019 – Article on local anaesthetic  – here

September 2019 – Details of Sept study club here

March 2019 – Details of April 2019 study club here.

August 2018 – Details of Sept 2018 study club here.

July 2018 – Article on crown removers.

March 2018 – April’s study club info here

October 2017 – December Study club details released – see Study Club tab!

September 2017 – Overseas invite! I am excited to be heading to South Africa to talk in November

September 2017 – Bumper crowd of over 30 delegates seen here at the recent Hampshire Endodontic Study Club!

August 2017 – Septodont Sandbaggers

My beach touch rugby team comprising dentists and doctors acquitted itself well at the annual London Beach Touch tournament – beaten finalists!

March 2017 – Upcoming local anaesthetic study day

March 2017 – New study club date announced

February 2017 – Increased opening hours!

Thanks to your ongoing support we have been able to increase our opening hours. We are now open every Mon/Tues/Weds 0830-1700 hrs.

Sept 2016 – Article on Coronal Seal

Sept 2016 – Article on apex locators

July 2016 –  (No) price change

We believe Hampshire Endodontics to currently be the cheapest specialist endodontic service in Hampshire. Our fee of £750 is our full and final charge for consultation and root canal treatment and a review six months later (if necessary). Beware! Other providers may not be so transparent with fees.

June 2016 – Upcoming endo courses.

Click on links for booking info. And don’t forget the Hampshire Endodontic Study Club – a Club so good it now has imitators!

Endodontics for dentist and nurse – All day Thu 1st Sept – University Portsmouth Dental Academy

No frills endodontic treatment – All day, Fri 7th Oct – Winchester Hospital postgrad centre.

May 2016 – Awards night. It is always nice to be acknowledged and so I was delighted to see the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy Tutors recognized for “Sustained Excellence” in our teaching of the dental students who come down from King’s College London to the UPDA. Congratulation to my fellow tutors !


March 2016 – Upcoming endo courses – Please contact for further information.

Hampshire endodontic study club  – Trauma – evening of 20th April – Havant.
Endodontics for dentist and nurse – All day Thu 1st Sept – University Portsmouth Dental Academy
No frills endodontic treatment – All day, Fri 7th Oct – Winchester Hospital postgrad centre.
No frills endodontic surgery – All day, Fri 18th November – Winchester Hospital postgrad centre

December 2015 – Merry Christmas from all at Hampshire Endodontics Merry Christmas

 HE cupcakes

October 2015 – Peter is excited to be presenting at the upcoming British Endodontic Society meeting at Southampton’s Grand harbour Hotel on November 20th-21st.

September 2015 – New premises open in Havant! See our Contact pages for address, contact details and parking advice.

July 2015 – See here Peter’s recent article on the new WaveOne Gold files.

July 2015 – Peter hosted a live endo lecture for Dentsply. Watch it here .

June 2015 – Raftery Endodontics Newsletter 2. See here.

June 2015 – Christmas Endo Study Club date has been announced. See here.

May 2015 – Peter has an article in next month’s Dentistry magazine. See here.

April 2015 – Raftery Endodontics has been open for a year! Thanks for your support!

February 2015 – Hampshire Endodontic Study Club Meeting 3. Details here.

November 2014 – Peter talks about the ideal surgical instruments here

October 2014 – Hampshire Endodontic Study Club Meeting 2. Details here.

September 2014 – Raftery Endodontics Newsletter, Issue 1

September 2014 –  Cliff Ruddle Tour, Manchester

September 2014 – Hands-on Restoration of Root-Treated Tooth, Winchester CPD

July 2014 – Article in Dentistry magazine
May 2014 – Hands-on Endodontic Workshop by Peter in Portsmouth on 29th
April 2014Raftery Endodontics in Portsmouth now taking referrals
March 2014 – Lecturing at The Dentistry Show in March 2014
January 2014Download Hampshire Area IFR Referral Documents
October 2013DENTSPLY endo course

September 2013Oasis endo courses

June 2013Apicectomy article from The Probe magazine

June 2013Bristol local anaesthetic lecture
May 2013  – Recent case
December 2012  – Local anaesthetic article
Novermber 2012Endodontic study club in Dorset?
Novermber 2012Wave.One Hand on course
October 2012 – Recent Brighton Cases
September 2012 –  Poster presentation
July 2012  – New Location
June 2012 – September 2012 Wessex lectures
September 2011 Wedding
May 2011 VTs