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Hampshire Endodontics

Havant, Hampshire • Winchester, Hampshire





Hampshire Endodontics

Hampshire Endodontics is a Private specialist root canal clinic in Havant. 

Our Aim

At Hampshire Endodontics we aim to provide an excellent sevice to both patients and referrers.

For patients; we strive to demistify the process of a referral  to an endodontist. We treat you as we ourselves would want to be treated; curteously, quickly, sympathetically and  expertly. We will always discuss  (jargon-free) your options, the prospects of success in those option, the alternatives and what to expect during any of the range of endodontic procedures we offer.

We make it an absolute priority not to have long wait times. We are clear and up-front with our costs and know of no other specialist endodontic service in the county available cheaper.

For referrers; we strive to be available and contactable. We understand there is a choice of where to send your referrals and greatly appreciate those sent to us. We want to earn your loyalty. We have previously worked as busy GDPs here in UK and understandand your workload. We aim to make your life easier and we aim to be hassle-free to deal with.

We welcome any and all queries and questions from local dental colleagues - please pick up the phone! Many if not most referrers and known to the Practice personally - we're even lucky enough to have treated a few! Dentists are able to see the progress (past and future appointment dates  as well as cinical and radiographic images) of referrals thay've made via their own personal weebiste log-in. 
Our Endodontists
Peter Raftery

Peter graduated in dentistry from Trinity College, Dublin in 2003 before beginning full-time Specialist training at the Eastman Dental Hospital, London in 2007. Gaining a Masters in Clinical Dentistry and then the endodontic exit exams from Royal College of Surgeons in England (MRD)  as well as Edinburgh (MEndo), he was enrolled onto the GDC Endodontics Specialist Register in 2012.

Peter works one day a week at the Portsmouth Dental Academy, supervising the King's College London undergraduate student dentists. Peter is married with four kids. He enjoys rugby (limited to watching these days) and playing golf. He is cultivating a taste for wine and takes interest in most things edible.

Vanderley Da Silva Jnr

Practice limited to endodontics
Vanderley qualified in 2001 at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil. After qualifying he attended several courses but followed his passion for Endodontics, completing a postgraduate programme (Specialization Course) at University of Sao Paulo (USP), Bauru, also in Brazil. Vanderley is always up to date with new research and what is innovative in the field of Endodontics. He has completed a residence programme with Professor Gilberto Debelian, a  worldwide renowned Endodontic expert, in Oslo, Norway. Vanderley believes in minimally invasive practice of dentistry and makes a great effort to make his patients to feel relaxed and at easy during their visit. 

He is a keen cyclist, attends the gym regularly and enjoys swimming and scuba diving. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English and is a member of the British Endodontic Society.